Welcome to St Peter’s

 St Peter’s church is generally kept locked.

“The programme for St Peter’s was planned long before anyone had heard of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  Following government advice we will now not be proceeding with any event in the church while the social distancing and isolation restrictions remain in place.
We look forward to welcoming you back into St Peter’s when the restrictions are lifted.”

Entry instructions are displayed on the noticeboard inside the church porch.
Two “Blue Badge” parking spaces are now available outside the gates of the churchyard, located at the top of the drive to the church.
Alternatively if you would like to arrange a guided tour please click here and fill in the form and we will contact you and endeavour to arrange your guided tour at the requested date and time.

The Friends work in association with
The Churches Conservation Trust to

* Increase awareness of the church and its history
* Encourage greater use of the church for community events

Headed by an enthusiastic committee, the Friends are promoting the use of this much loved building by all members of the local community for concerts, exhibitions, amateur dramatic performances and similar events.

The Friends provide a pool of volunteers to assist the Churches Conservation Trust’s custodian to care for the church.

Membership is open to all and by joining the Friends of St Peter’s, Offord D’Arcy you will be assisting the Trust to develop greater use of the church.

You can give valuable support – simply by belonging.